Welcome to the service section of the website! At Fast Eddie’s Auto Service, we are proud of the hard work and dedication our highly skilled automotive technicians put into every job they undertake. Our professional and friendly team utilize the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that your vehicle is running smoothly and safely.

If you want reliable service, affordable prices, and automotive services from friendly and professional technicians, then look no further than Fast Eddie’s Auto Service!

At Fast Eddie’s Auto Service our qualified and professional technician’s follow industry guidelines to give you the service you require, at affordable prices. We understand that not everyone is mechanically minded and our friendly technicians can walk you through the symptoms, the problem, and solutions. Providing you with all the options, as well as a detailed quote to ensure the entire process is transparent, with no unexpected surprises!

If you would like to find out about any of the services which have at Fast Eddie’s Auto Service, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our friendly and professional team members will always be happy to help answer any questions you have.

If you would like to come in for a service walk-in, it's always welcome, but to ensure you get fast and prompt service, calling us is recommended. Don’t trust your automotive needs to just anyone, let the friendly team at Fast Eddie’s Auto Service keep your vehicle running!

Oil Change

From 45.99 

Oil, Oil filter, Air filter

Coolant flush

From 125

Remove and replace coolant with proper manufactured specifications

From 159.99

Transmission service

Filter, Gasket,Fluid

AC service

From 165.99

Recharge to proper specifications, inspect and adjust drive belt tension, clean condenser fins of debris and dirt, check proper operations, ensure leak free AC


From 199

Inspect & replace pads & rotors if needed but not included in price


From 299

Spark plugs, Air filter, Fuel filter, Change fluids


If your vehicle isn’t running as smoothly as you like or has a mechanical issue, then it may be time to let the experts have a look at it! Vehicles are made up of a lot of complicated and delicate mechanical parts and elements. Sometimes no matter how well we maintain and service our vehicles, parts fail, and you end up with mechanical problems. At Fast Eddie’s Auto Service, we can run diagnostics on your engine, test drive your vehicle and fix any mechanical problems your vehicle may have. If you feel a strange vibration, odd noise, or your car just doesn’t feel right, then drop in and let one of our qualified and friendly technicians check it out for you! (Diagnostics starting from 95)


If your vehicle’s engine needs its regular service, an oil or transmission fluid change, or any other maintenance, then don’t hesitate to contact us and book it in. If you see any oil leaks, smell smoke or fluids burning, strange knocking, experience a lack of power, then it may be time to have your engine looked at. Your engine is ultimately one of the most important parts of your vehicle, if it fails or breaks down, then you may end up stranded. If you would like us to check your engine, then call us to book an appointment or drop in, and we may be able to take a quick look for you.



It’s all good and well to have your mechanical and engine needs to be taken care of in your vehicle, but if your brakes aren’t running at their best, then you’re setting yourself up for an accident. Your brake pads, rotors, and fluids require constant attention. After all, it is your brakes which slow you down and prevent you from impacting other vehicles in a collision. If your brakes feel spongy, sluggish, are making an excessive squealing or grinding noises, then it could be time for a brake service on your vehicle. Our qualified technicians would be more than happy to check them out and give you a quote on maintenance or replacement of your vehicle’s brakes.